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Product Documents

Prestige Trimax Solo Series

Warranty Documents
Prestige Warranty French
Prestige Solo Excellence Warranty 82714

Manuals & Product Literature
Prestige Trimax Brochure
Prestige 110 TriMax Manual
Prestige 60 175 250 399 TriMax Manual
Prestige TriMax User Manual
Prestige TriMax Manual Addendum Condensate Trap
Time Saver Piping Brochure 2013-03
Fuel Savings Calculator
Prestige Combi Chamber Insulation Replacement Kit PSRKIT09, PSRKIT30 and PSRKIT37
Prestige HX Replacement Kit 399 PSRKIT44 and PSRKIT128
Prestige175 and 250 Service Part Instructions PSRKIT86
Prestige 399 Service Part Instructions PSRKIT87
Prestige 60,110 and Excelllence Service Part Instructions PSRKIT85
Prestige Solo 60 - 250 Burner Mounting Plate Kit PSRKIT12 & PSRKIT32
Prestige Solo 399 Burner Mounting Plate Kit PSRKIT39
Prestige Control Supplement 021014
Prestige Concentric Vent Supplement 040513
Prestige PVC CPVC Vent Supplement
Prestige 399 Natural to LP Conversion PSRKIT51
Prestige Manual Addendum AFUE
Prestige Outdoor Reset Addendum
Prestige 399 Addendum Pressure Relief Valve
Prestige TriMax Pressure Gauge
Trimax Igniter Kit Instructions PTRKIT313
PG & ELITE & Prestige LWCO Kit - PGRKIT20
Excellence HX Replacement Kit
PVC CPVC Low Profile Sidewall Termination
CPVC near Boiler Venting Kit
Prestige Temperature Sensor Repl Kit
NTC Sensor Replacement PTRKIT123
PS60-250 Natural to LP conversion - PSRKIT33
Prestige TriMax Control Display Module 205 206 207
Prestige Trimax Repl Gas Valve Notice
Solo60 Suggested Specifications
Solo110 Suggested Specifications
Solo175 Suggested Specifications
Solo250 Suggested Specifications
Solo399HP Suggested Specifications
Prestige Solo 60 Trimax Submittal
Prestige Solo 110 Trimax Submittal
Prestige Solo 175 Trimax Submittal
Prestige Solo 250 Trimax Submittal
Prestige Solo 399 Trimax Submittal
Prestige Solo 399 HP Trimax Submittal
Vent Outlet Adaptor Upgrade
Prestige Vent Outlet Adap Kit PS60-PE110 PSRKIT02 & 73
Prestige Vent Outlet Adap Kit PS175-250 PSRKIT27
PPrestige Vent Outlet Adap Kit PS399 & PT399 PTRKIT117
Prestige SOLO 60 Through 250 and Challenger Stand Instructions
Prestige SMART Consumer Brochure
St John Church & School Project File
Prestige Outdoor Sensor Instructions
Prestige Outdoor Sensor Addendum
Prestige Trimax IDWH Sensor Production Sheet
Igniter PTKIT313
Prestige IDWH Sensor Supplement
Prestige Gas Vent SS Termination
Prestige Venting Terminations
Prestige 399 Concentric Vent System Kit
Prestige Concentric Air Vent Supplement Manual (French Version)
Prestige Wall Bracket Kit
Prestige Floor Stand PSSTND06
PTRKIT111 Instructions - Gas Valve Replacement Kit
PTRKIT113 Igniter Replacement Kit
PTRKIT114 & PSRKIT13 Blower Replacement Instructions
Venturi Replacement Kit Prestige 399 PSRKIT84
Venturi Replacement Kit PSRKIT80 thru 83
Prestige TriMax Control Display Module
Condensate Neutralizer Refill Kit
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2012-2013
Certificate of Compliance American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Savings Calculator
Prestige Manual French


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