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Heat Exchangers
Triangle Tube has over 55 years of experience in Heat Exchangers. That's why we offer a Heat Exchanger for almost every application; heating, cooling, heat recovery and more. MAXI-FLOW Stainless Steel and Titanium products are designed specifically for use in swimming pools and spas. Brazed Plate products are for Hydronic applications and domestic hot water. Gasketed Plate & Frame products can be used in a variety of applications.
Brazed Plate
TTP brazed plate heat exchangers consist of as many as 150 pattern-embossed stainless steel plates. By brazing every second plate together and then turning them 180 degrees, they’re able to create two separate flow channels in counter current. The unique design creates a better turbulence and an outstanding heat transfer – resulting in a highly efficient heat exchange.

Stainless Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger
No matter what size of the swimming pool, spa and hot tub the Maxi-Flo heat exchanger – available in 5 sizes ranging from 95,000 to 400,000 BTH/hr thermal outputs – is a perfect fit. Constructed of high quality corrosion resistant, precision welded stainless steel and equipped with a specially designed flow restrictor to assure maximum heat exchange, as well as minimum pressure loss, Maxi-Flo compact size stands in stark contrast to the significant energy savings it provides.
Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
Compact, Cost-Effective and Trouble-Free
Suitable for a wide variety of applications, our Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers are easy to access and provide low maintenance costs. Plate & Frame heat exchangers are designed for long life-cycles.

Consisting of a calculated number of embossed plates sandwiched between two thick carbon steel plates – and clamped securely with tie rods – Plate & Frame plates feature corner openings to direct fluid flows through inter-plate passageways.

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