Can I contact technical support?

If you are experiencing any issues with your product, please contact the installer or a servicing contractor in your area.

What should I do if my heating system is not working correctly?

Do not attempt to repair the system on your own. Please contact the contractor who performed the installation or a local professional to troubleshoot your system. Your heating professional can contact a Triangletube distributor or our technical service department for additional assistance.

I installed my own boiler. How do I get technical support?

If you are a homeowner who installed your own boiler and are not a professional heating contractor, you must contact the distributor/dealer who sold you the boiler for technical support and warranty action.

How can I obtain Triangletube product manuals?

All manuals for our products are posted on this website and available for download in a PDF.

I purchased my Triangletube product from a 2nd hand source. How do I get technical support or file a warranty claim?

Triangle Tube will NOT provide a warranty or technical support for products purchased through unauthorized channels (online purchases, refurbished, etc.), and/or installed by someone other than a qualified heating professional.

Generally speaking, what voids a warranty?

• If a product is outside the warranty period
• If you are not the original owner *warranties are non-transferable, for residential use only, please refer to terms of warranty
• Lack of maintenance or neglect
• Improper installation

Are there any special tax credits for installing Triangle Tube products?

Yes there are, please refer to the document below or save a copy for yourself.