I purchased my Triangletube product from a 2nd hand source. How do I get technical support or file a warranty claim?

Consumer Alert – Warranty and Technical Support
Triangle Tube designs and manufactures industry leading hydronic heating solutions, including high efficiency boilers, domestic water heaters, heat exchangers, and controls. These products can provide years of service when properly installed. Our commitment to this performance is demonstrated not only in the attention to detail in our engineering and manufacturing, but also in the hundreds of hours of training that we provide our representatives, wholesalers, and installers every year. In addition, we provide technical support to our authorized installers through our Corporate Engineering team, who average over 20 years of experience in the hydronics industry.
We have developed a team of authorized representatives and wholesalers that will provide installers and consumers with the quality product and service that will ensure maximum performance. Triangle Tube stands behind our products through our warranty policy. However, we cannot provide this warranty protection if our products are not purchased through our authorized representatives and wholesalers. Unauthorized sellers (online or otherwise), may be selling discontinued or refurbished models, and cannot visit your home to ensure properly sized and installed equipment. Most online sellers cannot supply references in your neighborhood, and, since they do not perform the installation, will deny responsibility for any problems.
By selecting an authorized representative, wholesaler, or installer you will receive:
A responsible, professional installer with years of good experience that you can verify, and who isclose to home.
A contractor with a solid business who visits your home before they quote a price and who willstand behind the product after they get paid.
A contractor that has been trained by Triangle Tube on the product so that they will install itaccording to specifications.
Therefore, it is the policy of Triangle Tube to provide technical support only to licensed heating technicians installing product supplied by authorized dealers. Triangle Tube will NOT provide technical support for product supplied by unauthorized dealers.
It is also the policy of Triangle Tube to provide a warranty only to product sold by an authorized dealer and installed by a licensed heating technician. Triangle Tube will NOT provide a warranty for our product that is purchased online or through other unauthorized channels, and/or installed by someone other than a licensed heating technician.