Investing in Future Excellence

ACV Triangle Tube continues the pursuit of excellence with the addition of a new, state of the art manufacturing facility.

At ACV Triangle Tube we recognize that to ensure continued growth and consumer excellence, we must strive to innovate and invest in the future. With an increasing demand for high quality, energy efficient heating products, we are pleased to announce that we have invested in a new, state of the art production facility. Designed to streamline the manufacturing process and to produce goods at a higher capacity, this new facility utilizes a completely automated robotics line. This sophisticated production process employs laser welding for enhanced precision and accuracy. Unlike manual welding processes, this method eliminates the element of human error while assuring total consistency throughout all products. That change alone results in increased product longevity and overall reliability. The automation also promotes synergy across all platforms by enabling us to satisfy growing global demands while improving overall product value. The investment we have made in this new facility signifies our long-term commitment to the heating and hot water industry. We are completely invested in the improvement of our products in an effort to better serve heating service professionals and their communities.

As far as products produced within the new facility, manufacturing efforts will focus exclusively on the Smart indirect fired water heater line. The Smart is already celebrated for its unique “Tank-in-Tank” technology which enables it to have the lowest pressure drop in the industry. Now with this new facility, we are making some minor modifications for a greater hot water experience. (*Note: the following changes are for the Smart 30/40/50 & 60. Please disregard for Smart 80 or higher.) One such change is the improved insulation, which will aid in reducing standby loss thereby increasing savings. The new welding technique will further increase the product’s superiority, giving homeowners continued peace of mind. However, for the sake of satisfying manufacturing demands and to standardize global production, the boiler connections have been moved to the left side of the unit. This change was one of the prerequisites in converting to an advanced production process and therefore was necessary in order to improve the product’s quality and satisfy growing demands.

The excellence of a product is measured by a manufacturer’s willingness to consecrate its efforts on pleasing the customer and working together. We have demonstrated that in introducing the Fire Tube heat exchanger to the residential market and again with our exclusive “Tank-in-Tank” technology. Now ACV Triangle Tube continues the pursuit of excellence with the addition of this modern manufacturing facility.

Sjacco van de Sande
Chief Executive Officer
ACV Triangle Tube

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