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The information you provide to register your product will never be resold or used for purposes other than those related to your warranty. Please present all information as accurately and truthfully as possible. Note that providing additional detail may help us to process a potential claim more quickly. 

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Warranty only applies to original homeowner for residential applications

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For Smart 316 Registration/Best warranty enter serial number for installed Prestige or Instinct

Combustion Rating Results – Optional

For applicable INSTINCT and PRESTIGE installations, complete the optional Combustion Rating Results section in order to receive the highest level warranty of 10 years primary heat exchanger, 6 years parts, 3 years labor allowance. Click HERE for full details. 

In order for the results to be accepted, the combustions levels must be in the acceptable range provided in the installation manual and a photo of the combustion analyzer must be submitted to verify the results. Without all required data, additional warranty coverage cannot be provided. 

size file limit 500MB

size file limit 500MB