Smart 316 Indirect Water Heater

Smart 316

The Smart 316 Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Water Heater is heated by the hot water from your boiler. As your home is being heated, your domestic hot water is being heated at the same time, thereby, consuming less fuel and conserving energy. Combine this with a recovery rate that is up to three times faster than conventional gas or electric water heaters, and The SMART 316 Series Indirect Fired Water Heater heats more hot water with less fuel for the energy conscious consumer. The average life span of a SMART 316 Series Indirect Fired Water Heater exceeds 20 years! That is two or three times the average life of a conventional gas, oil or electric water heater.

Warranty Info

Built with reliability in mind, the Smart 316 comes with our Good - Better - Best Warranty.  All levels coming with a lifetime tank warranty.  The Best Warranty provides 6-year parts, 3-year labor allowance for the replacement of the tank within the first 36 months of install (tank must be installed with Triangle Tube boiler at the time of the tank installation.  Read all the details HERE. 

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive "Tank-in-Tank" Technology
  • Self Cleaning / Self Descaling Heat Exchanger
  • Lowest Pressure Drop in the Industry
  • 7 Sizes to Choose From
  • 2" Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Continuous Hot Water
  • Limited Residential Lifetime Warranty
  • High Efficiency – Saving You Money
  • Upgraded stainless steel inter tank to 316L
  • Acid Pickling - increases corrosion resistance
  • High-Quality Welding Procedure
  • NEW - Market-leading Warranty Program with up to 6-year parts, 3-year labor allowance for replacement of tank within the first 36 months of install

Product Comparison

Model Storage (gal) 1st Hour Output (gal) Continuous Flow (gal/min) 10 Minute Peak Flow (gal) Boiler Output (mbh)
Smart 30 28 140 1.9 40 87
Smart 40 36 180 2.5 50 112
Smart 50 46 220 3.1 65 140
Smart 60 56 410 6 110 270